Television Pricing

Basic Cable $14.95/mo.
Super Basic Cable $68.95/mo.
Digital Cable $78.95/mo.
An additional Broadcaster Fee of $5/mo will be added to the above plans
Premium Channels:
HBO $16.95/mo.
Cinemax $13.50/mo.
Showtime/The Movie Channel $14.95/mo.
Starz $12.95/mo.
Pay-Per-View Movies & Events Price varies
Hi Definition $9.95/mo.
Hi Definition Super Basic
Hi Def Digital
Hi Def Movie
Additional Digital Boxes
First Set-Top Box Included
Any Additional Set-Top Box $7.95/mo.
Dual Tuner DVR Box $9.95/mo.
Digital Terminal Adapter (DTA)  $2.50/mo


* Some restrictions may apply.

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