Local Telephone Services


At Piedmont, we work hard to provide you with reliable service every second of every day. Local phone service is more than just a dial tone, our local calling plans offer more features than ever before. Our Local Telephone Service is only $14.00/month and includes local calling in our local service area.


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Billing Procedures

Do you have questions about payments, tariffs, maintenance charges and other items? Click here to review our billing procedures.


REPAIR SERVICE – Dial 611 or 336-787-5678

Should you have an emergency after our normal working hours you may dial our after-hours repair service at 336-787-5678.

Please check your cordless phone, modems, answering machine or any other phone that is plugged into an electrical outlet before calling repair. At times one telephone set can malfunction and cause the entire line to go out. To test, each individual telephone set can be unplugged and tested back into the line one at a time. These simple steps could reduce the length of time that your telephone service is out.


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