Billing Procedures


New services may be applied for at the business office. Installation and membership fees may be paid by check, credit card, or cash. Subject to credit approval.

Inquiry can be made at the business office concerning billing, additional service facilities, directory listings, etc.


Tariffs, which show rates, rules and regulations for telephone services and facilities, approved by the Cooperative’s Board of Directors are available in our Business Office for public inspection.


The subscriber will be billed in accordance with the Cooperative’s established collections and billing practices.  For customers billed on the first of the month, bills are due upon receipt.  If not paid by the 25th of the month, late pay charges are incurred.  For customers billed on the fifteenth of the month, bills are due upon receipt.  If not paid by the 10th of the month, late pay charges are incurred. The subscriber is responsible for all charges for telephone services on the communications services bill, including long distance charges and collect calls.  After a bill is rendered such account will be considered correct and binding upon the customer if objection is not received by the Cooperative within 30 days after billing.  All services on an account are delinquent if any one service become delinquent and will be subject to disconnection of service(s).


Payments may be made by mail, online, by draft, in any business office or by telephone with an automated payment system or by speaking with a customer service representative.  If payments are returned by a financial institution for any reason, returned check fees will be incurred.

Service Charges

Fees may apply with installation of service.  Fees will be quoted during application process.

A service charge may be incurred if a service call is made and the serviceman finds that the problem is in customer-owned equipment.  To avoid such fees, please trouble shoot your equipment before placing requests for repair services.

Service fees are available upon request.


A return envelope is included with each monthly bill. Please enclose the first page of you bill with your payment. Include the telephone number with Area Code on your check or money order.

Make check or money order payable to:
Piedmont Communications

We recommend that you not send cash through the mail. There will be an additional charge if your check is returned by a bank or financial institution.


You may pay by Visa or Master card by calling or visiting our business offices. Payment may also be made by automatic draft from your savings or checking account.


If a service call is made and the serviceman finds that the problem is in CUSTOMER-OWNED telephone sets or wiring and not in the company’s facilities, a service charge will apply. TO AVOID A SERVICE CHARGE, always check your telephones (if you have customer-owned equipment) and determine if the trouble is in your customer-owned sets or in the company’s facilities. TO CHECK YOUR SETS –unplug the set on which you notice the problem. Then plug another phone into the same outlet to see if the problem still exists. If it does not, the problem is most likely with the first phone. To get service on a customer-owned phone follow the instructions on the warranty or contact the supplier of that telephone set.

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