Metro Ethernet

A Virtual LAN Spanning Piedmont County…and Beyond!

With our extensive fiber backbone covering most of Piedmont County, we can connect your business offices with speeds up to 1Gbps! Whether you need to connect satellite offices or connect to other businesses in our area, we have you covered.

Thanks to partnerships with neighboring Co-operatives, our E-LAN service area is expanding rapidly into neighboring counties.
Customers that currently make use of our E-LAN service include:

  • Local Hospitals of Piedmont County
  • Community Colleges
  • County Schools
  • Carolina West Wireless.

Piedmont Communications’ Metro Ethernet E-LAN service offers complete transparency. Data you put in one end comes out the other untouched. This enables you to build VLANs through the network as you please, and run services that depend on layer 2 transparency. We also support jumbo frames up to 9216 bytes.

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Piedmont offers cutting edge services including our Fiber to the Home for businesses and residential customers