Here Are a Few Great Reasons to Choose Us

  • Ultra-Fast And Ultra-Reliable Connection
    An internet connection fast enough to handle all your devices as you binge watch, stream, game and more.
  • Cutting Edge Technology
    PiedmontTV ‘s cutting edge technology (IPTV) service is all digital with high definition video channels.
  • Bundle and Save
    Find a package that works for you and your budget. Easily bring everything you enjoy together. Internet • Security • TV • Phone
  • Stay Connected
    Connect your home with internet, smart security, TV, and phone.

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About Us

We Offer Cutting Edge Services

Piedmont Communications is a local company headquartered in Lexington, North Carolina. We provide Telephone, Internet, Television and Security monitoring for businesses and residential customers.

STMC started in 1951, continues to invest in the latest technology for our customers. Piedmont offers cutting edge services including our Fiber to the Home initiative that delivers voice, data and video directly to your home or office.


Fast internet, smart security, TV, and phone for your home.


Connect more, connect faster, and give your organization the competitive edge.