Business - Data Storage & Disaster Recovery

A Service You Can Depend on from Local People You Can Trust

If your business computer system crashed today, do you have a way to recover?

Do you worry about your data traveling across the Internet to the cloud?

Reliable, regular backups are a continuous problem for small businesses, particularly businesses without a dedicated IT staff. Our data backup and disaster recovery products can help you protect your business from such an event. Whether you need to back up one server, one PC or a network of several dozen machines, we provide an affordable backup solution customized to meet your needs. If disaster strikes, our data experts can be on-site to help you recover your valuable information.

Back Up Solutions

Piedmont Communications has built a reliable and highly available storage network that is distributed across several locations in Piedmont County. We install deduplication backup software on your desktops, laptops and servers (MAC, PC and Linux) and encrypt the data before sending it across our private network to our Data Storage facility. Our state of the art fiber optic network is used to transport your data directly from your location to ours.

  • How it works?
    Simple to Use – Just Give Us a Call
    Our backup solution is simple to use because we help configure it for you. You don’t have to remember to change out tapes or figure out how to administer complicated backup software.
    Piedmont Communications helps you get everything up and running so you can concentrate on the things that make your business successful, not on your backup solution.
  • Security Is Our Top Priority
    Your data never leaves your network unencrypted, and it never hits the Internet. As a matter of fact, Piedmont Communications Data Storage network is not accessible from the Internet. While this may not be as convenient as some programs, it does provide an extra layer of security. The data remains encrypted while on our servers, and you retain control with the software provided.
  • Reports & Monitoring
    Every time a backup is run, you may select to receive email reports summarizing how the backup process went. If there are any problems, Piedmont Communications will help you get them fixed to ensure your data stays safe.

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