Foundation for Rural Service Announces 2023 Community Grant Recipients

Arlington, Va., (November 2, 2023)—The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS), the philanthropic arm of NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association, today announced the recipients of 23 grants totaling over $105,000 to support projects in communities served by NTCA members. 

Surry Communication’s is pleased to announce Churchland Volunteer Fire Department as one of these grant recipients.  Churchland Volunteer Fire Department received $5000 to help purchase a thermal imaging camera for structure fires and in searches for missing people.

The FRS grants, coupled with support from NTCA members, will enable a broad range of community projects across rural America – from providing new equipment to schools and libraries for literacy and digital inclusion efforts, expanding esports and robotics programs, supporting first responders, and more. The following organizations have been selected to receive Community Grants of up to $5,000. The partnering NTCA member is also contributing 10% of the total award amount.

“Through the community grant program, FRS is proud to help multiply the work NTCA members are often already doing to give back so that their efforts can have an even greater impact on the communities they serve,” said FRS Executive Director Pam Becker. “We are grateful to the 23 NTCA companies that partnered with FRS this year to support these grants and would also like to thank Farm Credit East and the Carri Bennet Economic Development Fund for the additional support.”


For a complete list of awardees, see below:

Napoleon Rural Fire Protection District, Steele, N.D.
Awarded $4,900 to purchase infrared cameras for the Napoleon Rural Fire Protection District to increase response capabilities during a structural fire incident.
Partnering NTCA Member: BEK Communications Cooperative

 Alpine Volunteer Fire Department, Alpine, Texas
Awarded $4,100 to purchase an attack line hose and a large diameter hose washer to improve safety services to citizens in the rural communities of Alpine, Brewster County and the surrounding areas.
Partnering NTCA Member: Big Bend Telephone Company

 Hannibal Fire Department, Macon, Mo.
Awarded $1,265 to purchase three iPads to conduct business inspections, preplans, and respond to emergency incidents.
Partnering NTCA Member: Chariton Valley Broadband, LLC

Prince William Sound Science Center, Cordova, Alaska
Awarded $5,000 to install meeting room technology that will enable virtual connection and presentation capability at the Prince William Sound Science Center benefiting organizations in the Prince William Sound Region.
Partnering NTCA Member: Cordova Wireless Communications, Inc.
This grant is also made possible by the generosity of a gift from the Carri Bennet Economic Development Fund.

Justin Potter Library, Alexandria, Tenn.
Awarded $5,000 to provide new AWE computers to preschool aged children to help build an early educational advantage in a fun and colorful way.
Partnering NTCA Member: DTC Communications

Leon Community Playground Committee (Leon Chamber of Commerce), Princeton, Mo.
Awarded $5,000 to build a playground that will allow children to play safely while allowing children with disabilities the opportunity to play side-by-side with their peers, and provide a safe outdoor play space, with designated play areas for children ages 2-5 and 5-12.
Partnering NTCA Member: GRM Networks

Elgin Community Library, Lawton, Okla.
Awarded $2,000 to provide a book for every first grader in Elgin, Fletcher and Sterling.
Partnering NTCA Member: Hilliary Communications, LLC.

Wasilla High School, Palmer, Alaska
Awarded $5,000 to launch a hands-on CNC tech skilling module to prepare students for successful careers and develop skills to enter the work force.
Partnering NTCA Member: Matanuska Telecom Association, Inc.

B.Y.E. Ambulance Service Inc., Fairview, Ill.
Awarded $5,000 to purchase laptops to use in ambulances to increase operational efficiency and enhance patient care and communications.
Partnering NTCA Member: Mid Century Telephone Cooperative

Platte – Geddes School District #11-5, Reliance, S.D.
Awarded $5,000 to facilitate the Platte-Geddes School District’s participation in the South Dakota High School Activities Association’s esports pilot program to increase student engagement, school attendance, and academic achievement while exposing students to future careers and potential scholarship opportunities.
Partnering NTCA Member: Midstate Communications, Inc.

 Colton Rural Fire District, Colton, Ore.
Awarded $4,977 to purchase two-way communication radios and improve firefighter safety and communication in Oregon and California when called upon to help during disasters.
Partnering NTCA Member: COLTONTEL

Woodford County Court Services, Metamora, Ill.
Awarded $5,000 to create a computer lab area for use by probation clients for employment searches and telehealth treatment appointments, and the purchase of a “smart board” to allow probation officers to more effectively conduct programs and clients can successfully complete required classes.
Partnering NTCA Member: MTCO Communications

Nex-Generation Round Up for Youth, Inc., Lenora, Kan.
Awarded $5,000 to purchase technology equipment to support a financial literacy curriculum for 4th-8th grades and for high school juniors and seniors.
Partnering NTCA Member: Nex-Tech

PHRED Robotics Team – Philomath High School, Philomath, Ore.
Awarded $4,980 to expand elementary and middle school student interest and participation in Philomath School District robotics programs through short and long term community outreach events organized by student members of the high school robotics team.
Partnering NTCA Member: Pioneer Telephone Cooperative

Walkerton Community Fire Association, Inc., Belhaven, N.C.
Awarded $5,000 to help purchase a Rescue Boat and Response Truck to provide assistance to stranded boaters and water-related emergencies in two counties bordering the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers.
Partnering NTCA Member: RiverStreet Communications of Virginia

 Minot Regional Impact Center, Inc., Minot, N.D.
Awarded $5,000 to develop and launch an online app to identify uneaten prepared food that can be collected and distributed through a network of programs that feed the hungry.
Partnering NTCA Member: SRT Communications, Inc.

Churchland Volunteer Fire Department, Dobson, N.C.
Awarded $5,000 to purchase a thermal imaging camera for structure fires and in searches for missing people.
Partnering NTCA Member: Surry Telephone Membership Corporation

Stephenville Lions Club, De Leon, Texas
Awarded $5,000 to purchase a vision screener to use when assessing all elementary and pre-school children in the area.
Partnering NTCA Member: Totelcom Communications, LLC

Cookeville Regional Medical Center, Gainesboro, Tenn.
Awarded $5,000 to purchase AAC (Augmentative and alternative communication) speech tablets for non-verbal children and adults with autism, or patients of strokes, cancer, or throat surgery so they can communicate with care givers and loved ones.
Partnering NTCA Member: Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation

Glasco City Library, Miltonvale, Kan.
Awarded $4,239 to purchase computers, workstations, software, charging stations and power strip towers to upgrade the library’s technology area.
Partnering NTCA Member: Twin Valley Communications

Graham County Chamber of Commerce, Willcox, Ariz.
Awarded $4,450 to enhance the Gila Valley Community Room technological capacities to support diverse community functions in the facility.
Partnering NTCA Member: Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

Discovery to Recovery Outpatient Substance Abuse Program, Louisville, Ill.
Awarded $5,000 to provide new equipment to program participants, expand digital inclusion programming and enhance probation and treatment compliance by expanding telehealth alternatives.
Partnering NTCA Member: Wabash Communications CO-OP

Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce, Waitsfield, Vt.
Awarded $5,000 to improve and enhance the region’s recreation facilities with restroom and bicycle work stand functions.
Partnering NTCA Member: Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom
This grant is also made possible by the generosity of a gift from Farm Credit East.

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