Medical Alert


Medical Alert Monitoring

24-hour emergency response.

  • Push Button Convenience
  • 24-hour Instant Nurse helpline
  • Fall Sensor Pendant
  • Waterproof Wristband or Pendant
  • Long Range Capability
  • Licensed by the State of North Carolina
Medical Alert
$24.95 / month

Get the help you need by pressing the large emergency button.  Once pressed a call is placed to the Emergency Monitoring Center.  They will talk directly to you to access the help you need and will stay on the line until assistance arrives.

Medical Alert with Fall Sensor
$29.95 / Month

Includes Standard Medical Alert and includes a Fall Sensor within the pendant.  The Fall Sensor is designed to detect falls, offering a comprehensive way of managing your risk of falling 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  If a fall is detected, a call is automatically dialed to the Emergency Monitoring Center, opening a two way communication to ensure the users issue is handled properly and timely.   If no sudden movement or if a tilt isn’t detected within 10 seconds of the fall detection, an alarm will be sent allowing appropriate action to be taken.  The Fall Sensor pendant can help you get immediate help with or without pushing the button.

Medical Alert with Fall Sensor & Instant Care
$34.95 / Month

Includes Medical Alert w/ Fall Sensor and Instant Care – A 24-hour Nurse Help line.  With a sigle touch of a button you’re in contact with a Care Specialist who will address your medical questions.  The Instant Care – 24-Hour help line provides you with knowledgeable medical assistance when you need it and as often as you need it.

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